Towards the Future for Micro smd crystals ….

Pencil_river_smdNew technologies and the demand for ever diminishing sizes of portable equipment and with lower power consumption are continuous drivers for miniature electronic components.

Such demands are obvious for consumer mobile communications equipment including mobile telephones, notebooks, MP3 players, cameras and hearing aids etc although the reduced mass of miniature electronic components also contributes to their ability to withstand high shock and vibration when used in conventional designs for vehicle engine management systems and associated keyless entry systems and also military communications and airborne instrumentation products.

River Electronics manufacture the smallest micro crystals in the world with the ubiquitous 32.768kHz crystal reduced to the unbelievable miniature size of (1.6 x 1.0)mm with a height of just 0.5mm. This latest product has been developed for smart card applications where the crystal is imbedded within the thickness of the card as part of the control and security circuit.

River micro crystals are also manufactured from (12 ~ 80)MHz as smd AT cut fundamental designs in packages from (1.2 x 1.0)mm and just 0.33mm tall and micro smd oscillators from (1.5 ~ 400)MHz with packages ranging from (1.6 x 1.2)mm and 0.7mm in height and in conventional resistance weld leaded and pre-formed smd HC-49/U03 units.

For automobile and therefore high shock and vibration applications River products also have approvals to AEC-Q200 standards and an extended working temperature to +105°C for selected products.

Total Frequency Control distributes the full range of River Electronics micro crystals and oscillators from their UK office at Storrington in West Sussex.

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