ROHM Introduces New Step-down Switching Regulators with Built-in Power MOSFET

PR097-TinyDCDC_00ROHM Semiconductor has announced new step-down switching regulators with a built-in 800m? Power MOSFET. The BD9G101G series provides 0.5A DC output with excellent line and load regulation for smart power management in a small SOT23 (SSOP6) package. The operating frequency is fixed at 1.5MHz, allowing the use of a small inductor and a ceramic capacitor in order to reduce space requirements. All phase compensation components are integrated as well.

The input voltage can vary from 6 to 42V, the internal reference voltage is set to 0.75V with an accuracy of typical ±1.5%. Ideally suited to facilitate step-down switching designs, the new device offers first-rate thermal resistance and multiple protection features such as internal over current protection, under voltage locked out and thermal shutdown . The operating temperature spans from -40°C to +105°C while the maximum junction temperature lays at 150°. Areas of deployment are industrial distributed power and automotive applications, battery powered equipment and medical OA instruments.

Key Features

? High and Wide Input Range (VCC=6V~42V)
? 45V/800m? Internal Power MOSFET
? 1.5MHz Fixed Operating Frequency
? Feedback Pin Voltage 0.75V±1.5%
? Internal compensated
? Internal Over Current protection, Under Voltage Locked Out,
Thermal shutdown
? 0?A Shutdown Supply Current
? 6-Lead SOT-23 package(SSOP6)