Luso Electronics adds high-efficiency LED-driver power modules from Shinelight to product portfolio

L024Luso Electronics has added to its distribution portfolio with new LED driver power supply modules from Shinelight Technology aimed at various lighting applications. The Shinelight range of LED driver power modules includes constant-current, 1-10V dimmable, timer-dimmable and DC input types.

The constant-current LED driver modules include 40W types for indoor lighting applications, and 40W, 50W, 75W, 100W and 120W output for street or tunnel lighting applications. The devices offer power efficiencies of 90%, built-in active PFC, IP66/67 ratings, and operate over a wide range of input voltages from 90V up to approximately 305V, making them suitable for use in the majority of countries in the world. In addition, the Shinelight range includes high-efficiency dimmable LED drivers including power ratings from 25 to 200W and high-efficiency DC-input LED driver modules from 20 up to 150W.

Shinelight Technology was founded in January 2007 in Hangzhou, China, and is a specialist in power supply and LED lighting applications. Shinelight was certified to ISO9001:2000 in 2011.

“LED technology is advancing fast and making a significant impact in lighting markets in indoor applications such as in retail and in the home, and outdoor lighting such as street and architectural usage”, said Andy Eden, Product Marketing Manager at Luso Electronics Distribution. “These high-efficiency LED driver power supplies from Shinelight are an excellent complement to the Luso power portfolio”.

Luso Electronics Distribution works with a limited number of complementary franchises for which the company provides expert technical and commercial support, including:

•    SynQor’s DC/DC and AC/DC power supplies, exclusive in the UK and Ireland;
•    Elec & Eltek’s magnetic components, including transformers, noise filters and common-mode chokes, across Europe;
•    N2Power’s range of ultra-small high-efficiency AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies, in UK and Ireland;
•    Veetronix’s highly reliable keyboard and panel-mount switches for various markets, in the UK and Ireland;
•    Andon‘s IC sockets and interconnects;
•    APW Electronics’ high-quality 19-inch racks and cabinets; and
•    A.T. Wall Company’s superior precision tubing and fabricated metal components for use in microwave applications.

Luso also offers other complementary products such as cooling fans from Zaward and DC/DC converters from CTC.