Easing the connector assembly process

ESUK Jul13 p18 Hitaltech1During the last few years the mounting and soldering of components onto a PCB has been evolving towards automated systems passing from traditional to Surface Mounting Technology techniques.

The use of traditional components such as terminal blocks and connectors on PCB has become critical, as they do not fit with robotic system requirements and high temperature soldering process needs.

As a result Hitaltech have been increasing their range of terminal blocks and connectors which are suitable for SMD through-hole (STH) assembly techniques.

The STH range has been specifically developed to withstand the temperatures of reflow soldering. The plastic housings are manufactured using a UL94 V0 Self extinguishing halogen free material which can withstand temperatures up to 270°C.

With this technology, the entire PCB is exposed to a special thermic cycle (which temperature peaks set around 270°C, High Temperature) that enables firstly the casting of the soldering paste, then its solidification with a characteristic “reflow” that is visible on solder beads.

Unlike traditional SMD components, connectors and terminal block pins are inserted into metalized PCB holes already filled with solder paste. The pin insertion offers high mechanical resistance and balances the stresses caused when screwing down the wires.

Packaging options include; tube, tape-on-reel and trays.