Cobar Debuts 95 RX Flux Series for Vintage Soldering Machines

Cobar foamfluxerThe Balver Zinn Group announces that Cobar Solder Products Inc. has introduced its new 95 RX Flux Series. The low VOC flux technology has been developed for vintage soldering machines that still use foam fluxers.

Most Vintage machines use a porous ceramic or plastic stone/tube (25-45 ?m) that allows compressed air to fill a tower with bubbles of flux and condense/adhere to the bottom of the PCB as it passes over. Typical problems with older IPA based fluxes include spilling over the top of the board and traveling up and out the top of the plated thru-holes (PTH) and routing slots. By its nature, the aeration of the flux causes the IPA to evaporate quickly.

Cobar’s newly formulated foaming flux can foam up to ½” high, but will not creep out of the slots and PTH like the IPA based fluxes do. This is due to the influence of the water and its higher surface tension. The water content also provides very strong foaming bubbles that carry a lot of kinetic energy; this actively assists in cleaning the surfaces and gets flux in all the holes that need to accept solder. Thus, hole fill problems are no longer an issue with the new 95 RX Series.

Additionally, the 95 RX Series contains all of the modern surface chemistries to prevent issues such as solder balling, with a minimum amount of residue. The low VOC fluxes foam extremely well, even in the oldest foam fluxers, and the height can be more precisely controlled.

Just because you have a classic/vintage wave solder system, you do not have to settle for old vintage flux technology.