Rail connectors add twin-ax and quadrax capability

ES July13 Pg10 News Batch2 AercoAs an extension to its assembling capability, Aerco now assembles the TT Electronics ABMP, a connector that adds twin-ax and quadrax capability to the AB range of ABCIRP connectors.

Designed specifically for demanding railway and mass transportation environments, ABCIRP circular connectors are approved to the French rail specification N.F.F. 61030 and can be used by any sub-contractor on any train operated by SNCF.

ABMP connectors share the high-performance, positive lock, quick disconnect, reverse-bayonet coupling mechanism as the ABCIRP but add twin-ax and quadrax capability. Four styles of multi-pole contacts are available in any combination of co-ax, twin-ax, tri-ax or quadrax making these high-speed data connectors capable of handling seven high-speed Ethernet connections or numerous combinations of signal and data links.

Shock and vibration tested to BSEN6137 Cat 1, ABMP connectors are capable of over 2,000 matings with crimp removable contacts for simple assembly and maintenance.