CONEC Promotes the Advantages of Combination D-SUB Crimp Connectors

AdvantagesCrimpConnectors_withheaderCONEC offers one of the most complete Combination D-SUB Crimp Connector product line. Accordingly, all the power contacts, and all the coax contacts, are available both straight and angled. Signal contacts are straight, and the female types are available in low cost open entry, or closed entry with shroud for hi-rel applications. The product offering is broad, from a 2 position power connector, to ones with up to 48 contacts [21 Plug configurations and 21 Mating socket configurations]. Installation and crimp tools are available. Crimp type combination connectors are the perfect ‘mate’ to the CONEC line of panel mounted, PCB types.

Combination D-subs are used in all professional applications, including instrumentation, aviation, medical, and communications equipment. The new CONEC connector with memory stick was developed especially for harsh environments. A massive metal case covers the electronics inside and protects them reliably against mechanical and electromagnetic influences.

While soldering might seem easy for occasional small projects, Crimp connections of cable to contacts has many advantages.