Guide simplifies brand-neutral cable specification

ESNA Jul13 Pg06 to 10 News Marc Stringer1A new guide has been published containing generalized specifications for low voltage wire and cable. Entitled Public Cable 1.0, the guide was written by the director of product management for Tappan Wire and Cable, Marc Stringer, under the pseudonym Armand Cable.

The book normalizes more than 2,100 manufacturer’s part numbers from four major manufacturers in approximately 80 specifications and associated tables. Each cable has been assigned a brand-neutral designation as well, making it possible to specify a detailed design without necessarily expressing a brand preference and limiting suppliers’ options.

The 80 specifications include non-plenum rated and plenum rated cables for closed circuit television (CCTV), cable television (CATV), serial digital interface (SDI) coax, red green blue horizontal/vertical synch (RGBHV) constructions and a variety of multi-conductor and paired cables.

Public Cable 1.0 is available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble and as an e-book on Google books.