Get in the Fast Lane with FCI

ESNA Jul13 p4 FCI VFTT 2FCI USA, LLC has launched an “M” “P” “H” campaign to emphasize to their channel partners and customers that FCI has world class expertise and support for Mezzanine, Power and High Speed interconnects.

“With FCI USA’s full portfolio of connectors and interconnect products, we are using the MPH program to highlight specific product groups in which FCI has a leadership position in the marketplace by providing technical expertise and innovative solutions to support the demands of the electronic design community”; states Brent Peterman, VP & General Manager, Americas. These products are optimized for performance and power efficiency in a wide variety of markets and applications including data, communication, consumer, industrial, instrumentation, medical and machine-to-machine.

Mezzanine – FCI’s “Mezz-Select” product portfolio is second to none in terms of stacking heights ranging from 2mm to 40mm, high speed solutions up to 28 Gb/s, contact counts from 4 to 600 per connector and signal densities of 8 to 80 signals per cm in fine pitch and array product styles.

Power – FCI’s portfolio of power connector systems, employing stamped and formed power contacts combined with housings designed to optimize airflow, provide a broad range of options in Amps per contact (7 – 144) and the linear current density ranges from 120 – 610 Amps per linear inch. The PwrBlade® and PwrBlade+® connector systems enable power distribution and signal control within a single connector, making them ideal design choices for the robust power system requirements of servers, storage, and communication equipment.  To meet industry demand for reduced power consumption, FCI has recently added a high-power card edge (HPCE) connector series for applications requiring high linear density and low power loss.

High Speed – FCI is an industry leader, utilizing leadframe designs and optimization of materials and manufacturing processes, delivering the best cost/performance ratio available. FCI’s full portfolio of high speed copper and optical interconnect products provide application solutions for Backplane connectors scalable from 8 to 40 Gb/s performance and I/O cable assembly and connector solutions supporting 10 Gb/s, 40 GB/s and 120 Gb/s transmission rates, available in both active optical and passive copper versions. The XLerate Series is standardized in full compliance with industry standards, such as Ethernet, SFF, Infiniband, USB, PCMCIA, and HDMI.

Get in the Fast Lane with FCI, a leading interconnect and cable assembly solutions provider that combines a broad product offering with field engineering resources to meet the evolving needs of design engineers.