SWS1000L now certified to 2 MoPP (Means of patient protection)

SWS1000L_HintergrundTDK Corporation announces that the SWS1000L power supplies are now available certified to 2MOPP (means of patient protection) and so these power supplies are suitable for a broad range of medical applications. The SWS1000L can be supplied with a choice of 3.3 up to 60V output, and has a peak output power of 1224W on the 24V model. SWS1000L models have 4kVAC input to output isolation and low leakage current (<300µA) whilst retaining curve B conducted and radiated EMI performance. Each model accepts a continuous input from 85 to 265VAC, making them compatible with global standards.

The SWS1000L boasts a wide output voltage adjustment range by trimmer (up to ±20%) to accommodate non-standard system voltages, while external programming enables the unit to be adjusted remotely from 20% to 120% of nominal for most models. Operating within a temperature range of between -20 and +74ºC and with low temperature start-up capability (100% load start up at -40ºC), it is a reliable choice for systems that experience extremes of temperature, such as outdoor equipment. Meanwhile, the inclusion of a temperature-controlled fan that minimises acoustic noise means that the SWS1000L is equally suited to indoor applications.

The power supplies have low fan noise, up to 8dB less than competitive units under typical operating conditions and therefore are ideal for powering medical and laboratory equipment or a vending machine for example. Important standard features include a 12V 0.1A auxiliary output, fan fail alarm and DC output good signal, as well as active current share for parallel systems. With no ventilation holes on the top or sides of the casing the power supplies can be “zero stacked” with no space required between them.

The company has also incorporated an integral Class B EMI filter and protection for over voltage, over current and over temperature conditions. The series is CE marked and carries UL, CSA, EN60950-1, EN60601-1, UL60601-1 and EN50178 safety approvals and comply to MIL-STD-810F. for vibration and shock. All models conform to EN55011-B, EN55022-B and FCC-B for conducted and radiated EMI as well as EN61000-4 and EN61000-3-2 Class A, and come with a three-year warranty.