Supplies simplify medical approval

ES June13 Pg17 to 22 Power Excelsys (1)Excelsys Technologies’ Xgen medical power supplies have been enhanced to include one times means of patient protection (MOPP) approval from input to earth for patient connected equipment. The improved products also allow customers to isolation test self-configured power supplies from input to output to 6kV DC.

New features include the introduction of Y1 capacitors and type testing at 5,675V DC, equivalent to 4kV AC, from input to output. Units carry UL60601-1 and EN60601-1 third edition approvals and the range boasts low leakage current as well as meeting stringent creepage and clearance requirements of medical equipment.

According to current safety standards, transformers and other primary to secondary isolation barriers can be tested separately before components are incorporated into a product. The enhanced range of Xgen power supplies are designed to help customers verify this as part of their production process. The new supply has therefore been specifically designed to withstand the DC peak equivalent of the 4kV AC isolation test from primary to secondary.

Using products in this series, customers can test in-situ with a DC voltage of 6kV applied across the isolation barrier of a fully assembled power supply.