Mouse-Trak™ Desk Top trackball controller from ITAC Systems meets demanding military, aerospace and marine applications

CYT007Mouse-trakITAC Systems, a manufacturer of industrial desktop and panel-mount trackballs, joysticks and other rugged human-machine interfaces (HMI), provides a heavy-duty solution for computer control and pointing devices with its Mouse-Trak™ Industrial Desk Top (IDT) series of trackball controllers. Manufactured using superior grade materials this trackball will endure the most stringent of environments in demanding applications ranging from military and defence systems, through to commercial marine equipment and medical products. At the same time, the trackball design achieves high speed, accurate and highly precise operation, significantly reducing the effects of repetitive strain injury (RSI), commonly experienced with conventional mouse devices, while an integrated hand support virtually eliminates the threat of carpal tunnel injuries.

The Mouse-Trak™ IDT’s rugged credentials include: an extremely durable housing made from Xenoy™ glass-reinforced polycarbonate; a precision cast phenolic resin trackball, hardened stainless steel shafts and bearings; a high-grade flexible PVC hand rest pad; and a conformal coating on the unit’s printed circuit board (PCB) to protect against caustic and conductive contaminants. Switches are rated for a minimum of 1 million actuations and the unit is entirely RoHS compliant, also meeting FCC part 15 and EU DoC requirements. Operation is specified over a temperature range of -25oC to 65oC with humidity from 45% to 85% (over 5oC to 35oC).

The Mouse-Trak™ supports various interfaces, with options for USB, PS/2, 9-pin serial and SUN-compatible connections over a 2.4m length cable. Left, right and middle buttons are incorporated for conventional key assignment for left/right click, double-click and click/drag operations, and allowing configuration for left- or right-handed operation. A dual speed selector switch also enables toggling between a Precision Pointing Mode and Speed Mode operation.