Select all-round great connectors

ESUK Jul13 p20 In2Connect1The connector selection process depends largely on the end-use environment, which is why In2Connect claims its Conec range can be as individual as your ambient conditions

Built in Europe, the Conec range from In2Connect is described as extensive, cost effective and available from stock, or on fast lead-time.

Tracking the growth in factory automation, robotics, motion control systems and servomotors, In2Connect’s M8, M12 or 7/8in style I/O connectors offer multi contacts, are IP67 rated, can be screened, and are ideal for wet, moisture-laden process environments.

For communications, security and surveillance equipment, IP67-rated D-sub, RJ45, USB and fibre optic LC connectors are said to provide protection from contamination and moisture, in addition to mechanical stability, temperature resistance and vibration immunity.

Over-moulded M12 connectors are said to improve durability and streamline the size of a cable connection. Available with three, four, five, six, eight and 12 contacts, M12 connectors feature anti-vibration locking and come in various cable lengths. When it gets really tough, shielded connectors protect and bypass weak signals to ensure seamless signal transmission.

Field attachable M12 connectors provide the freedom and flexibility to react to on site cabling situations. They use a simple screwdriver tool to clamp the stripped wires for a fast, uncomplicated installation. This programme comprises four or five pole connectors, straight or angled.

Connectors and adapters with four, five and eight contacts are available with 0.5mm long single wires, plus pin contacts for the M12x1 connection to the device. Front mounted flange connectors with wires are also available and can be positioned with a lock nut. Flange connectors and adapters for rear housing mounting with different length pin contacts complete the programme.