Flexible device plug connectors up to 1500 V

phoenix connectorPhoenix Contact has a new device plug connector for self assembly up to 1500 V. Users assemble the individual parts and integrate them into their device. This makes it possible to assemble the device plug connectors individually in the production process or on site. The option of crimping the cables in a flexible manner speeds up the production workflows. Snapping on contacts into the device housing at a later time provides the user with flexibility during fabrication.

Connector rated up to 1500 V DC compliment Phoenix Contact’s overall range of Sunclix plug connectors. There are suitable connection solutions for any application area, from modules with monitoring electronics to photovoltaic inverters.  The selection of the connector depends on the application and the level of user friendliness, from assembly during production through to cabling and setup by the installer in the field. It is important for the device manufacturer to minimise potential sources of error during assembly without sacrificing speed.