New Industrial microSD card range from Apacer

Industrial microSDHC_32G_HIArrival Electronics is pleased to announce the new Industrial microSD card range from Apacer, supporting densities from 4GB to 32GB MLC and operating from -25 ~ +85°C

Apacer’s Micro SD card 3.0 is designed specifically for multiple applications by offering high endurance, reliability, and agility, where extreme flexibility, endurance, data integrity, and exceptionally transmission are required. The Micro SD 3.0 card fully complies with SD Card Association standard. The Command List is  compatible with [Part 1 Physical Layer Specification Ver3.1 Final] definitions, while the Card Capacity of  Non-secure Area, Secure Area supports [Part 3 Security Specification Ver3.0 Final] Specifications. The card allows selection of either SD or SPI mode for compatibility in data communication. To provide higher transfer rate, the card can extend to 100MHz clock frequency.

The card also comes with endurance features for data error detection and correction, write protection, and password protection.

Fully compatible with SD Card Association specifications (  Part 1, Physical Layer Specification, Version 3.1 Final &  Part 3, Security Specification, Version 3.0 Final  ) and with performance figures of 19MB/second sustained read and 12MB/second sustained write.

These cards have an intelligent endurance design, with built-in advanced ECC algorithm, wear-levelling , flash bad-block management and built in write protect.

Low power consumption of 47mA in operation and 150uA in standby mode.