Packaging is changing shape

ESUK Sep13 p26 Kite Packaging 1The market for all kinds of packaging is changing, thanks to increased on-line purchasing of electronics products, both at component level and in the consumer arena

Online electronics acquisition is big business and competition is fierce, with household names and niche retailers all fighting for top position in the marketplace. Recent figures show that six out of 10 British adults buy products online and it seems there is a on-going growth, with sales of tablets going up 205 per cent in December 2012.

Naturally, there have been winners and losers in the industry. Comet, which went into administration last year, was criticised for its lack of understanding when it came to the online marketplace. The ability to operate on a multi-channel platform is becoming an essential part of a successful business strategy, with the current pressure being on mobile commerce. In fact, this now  looks set to be the number one way consumers buy product online.

One stand-out electronics retailer that has excelled in the e-commerce marketplace is Curry’s. Its website is clear and boasts enhanced usability options, such as a custom search tool, designed to make the company’s product offering easier to navigate. This transfers well to a mobile platform too, providing an excellent example of a company that knows its products and integrates its marketing well.

High-demand, and the promise of next-day delivery from top retailers, are factors that also impact packaging suppliers. Consumer electronics companies need high volumes of packaging and are increasingly demanding better solutions and a high level of service to ensure a constant supply of packaging materials, delivered on time, to improve their supply chain and ultimately benefit the end user.

As a company that operates in the world of e-commerce, Kite understands the stresses of distributing a high-volume of products, under varying time constraints, to a variety of different industries. As online retailers all use packaging, Kite has developed its service to meet the needs of small and large businesses.

For those who specialise in small electronic parts such as micro-chips, motherboards, memory devices and cabling, Kite supplies a range of Jiffy anti-static bubble wrap and anti-static bubble bags, for protection against static damage, as well as vibration and impact damage.

Kite also stocks a number of products on its website specially developed for the electronics sector. These include metallic shielding bags, ESD caution labels, corstat component boxes and other foam lined anti-static boxes for delicate electronic parts. Bespoke service solutions are also available for large businesses.