Murrelektronik in the EPLAN Data Portal – A Perfect Tool for Engineering

murrMurrelektronik offers comprehensive and detailed EPLAN-P8 files to download. The files are now available in Murrelektronik’s online shop and they can also be downloaded from the EPLAN Data Portal – a beneficial support for all users in the field of engineering.

Murrelektronik’s customers plan their machine and system installations with CAE programs. Therefore, they need component views that are accurate in every detail. Murrelektronik now offers comprehensive EPLAN-P8 data material with individual files for each article. This information is now available in the EPLAN Data Portal. The data is filed in a format that Murrelektronik customers already know from the online shop and the catalog. This makes it even more convenient for users to have quick access to the data.

The EPLAN-P8 files of Murrelektronik products offer extremely high detail. The user benefits from having a view that is even closer to reality, thus enabling a better insight into the project. The structure of the macros is comparable to the representation by many other component manufacturers. Furthermore, the files are suitable for drag & drop functions. Both features make it easy to work with and reduce configuration time.

The individual EPLAN-P8 files include 2D and 3D views. This takes into consideration both the requirements from the technical point of view (example: circuit diagram) as well as the requirements from the design point of view. The terminology of Murrelektronik’s EPLAN-P8 files is precisely aligned with EPLAN’s standard dictionaries. Therefore, translating into other languages is easy. Murrelektronik’s EPLAN-P8 files offer comprehensive functions: the individual components are automatically connected to each other with the AutoConnect function, gaps in the design are closed with cross-references, descriptions of labels are carefully administered and can be automatically sent to label printer.