Digital Vis-NIR Detector Modules

MAJOR: A series of Digital Photodiode Sensors (DPDS)Laser Components announces the first digital photodiode sensors, DPDS. The advantage over simple photodiodes is obvious: These products are easy to handle, the system is ready for immediate application.

The MAJOR series will be available in two versions: For the wavelength range from 500 – 1700 nm the products will be equipped with InGaAs detectors, for the range from 700 – 2200 nm with extended InGaAs detectors. On an optional basis versions up to 2600 nm will be available, too. The integrated M12 thread facilitates the integ- ration of the module.

The DPDS modules have broad capabilities: they are equipped with an automatic am- plification adjustment, averaging, time stamp, and temperature protocol. Communica- tion is carried out through an RS-232 interface. Use of the modules is extremely easy; they have an intuitive user interface. Thus, all parameters can be easily adjusted.

Upon customer request, the modules can be modified with regard to the controls, the data to be analyzed, and the structual shape.