Syfer’s safety capacitor range now available in higher cap values

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Syfer Technology, leading manufacturer of specialised multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs), has announced a number of additions to its UL and TÜV approved range of SMD 250Vac safety capacitors.  To give engineers more scope in their designs, the upper capacitance value has been extended to 33nF.

The new higher capacitance devices expand Syfer’s highly successful B16 (TÜV/UL approved) and B17 (TÜV approved) safety certified capacitor ranges.  Values in the 2220 package size are now available up to an impressive 22nF for the B16 X2 rating, and to 5.6nF for the B17 Y2/X1 rating.  If the ProtectiCap™ option is specified, the upper value for B16 devices increases to 33nF.

The ranges are approved for direct connection across AC mains voltages up to 250Vac. These devices are extensively used for transient and surge protection in networked and mains-based electronic equipment, across a range of industry sectors.  They provide valuable safeguards against lightning strikes and other transient events that represent a threat to electro
Syfer’s award winning FlexiCap™ termination is an option available for all sizes in this range up to and including the 2220 format devices. Syfer is one of few manufacturers worldwide offering MLCCs with flexible terminations with certification to IEC, EN and UL safety standards.nic equipment. Typical applications include data switches/modems and AC-DC power supplies.

Demand for Syfer’s safety-approved capacitors is increasing in line with a general trend in the industry to replace film capacitors, in this type of application, with surface mount MLCCs which are smaller and easier to assemble onto printed circuit boards.  For engineers designing equipment to meet IEC 60950, these parts are ideal as they have approvals to IEC 60384-14:2005, UL60384-14:2010 as well as UL 60950-1.

UL and/or TÜV approvals are often a critical factor in component choice for manufacturers supplying to top tier OEMs, service providers and systems builders. Gaining approvals for these range extensions is an essential part of Syfer’s new product introduction programme, designed to meet customer demand for increased capacitance ranges in smaller packages.

Parts are readily available in sample and production volume quantities and can be supplied in standard tape and reel format.