Ericsson Wins Product Awards for Power Technology from Electronic Products China

E0179-EPC_AwardsEricsson has been named as a winner in two categories in the annual Electronic Products China Top Product Awards. The industry’s first 750W Hybrid Regulated Ratio (HRR) DC/DC converter – the PKM-NH platform – was named in both the ‘2013 Top-10 Power Product’ and ‘2013 Technology Innovation Product’ award categories by the magazine. Implementing the new hybrid-regulated topology, the PKM-NH platform is optimized for datacom board applications that have a 52V/54V system bus distribution and require regulated high-power quarter-brick-format intermediate bus converters able to deliver up to 750W.
The awards are recognition of the company’s world-class expertise in consistently developing innovative and highly efficient products that significantly reduce the environmental impact of electronics equipment. Ericsson has finely honed the efficiency of its research and development activities across the company, implementing a lean and agile R&D methodology. This has resulted in shortened feedback loops, improved communication and rationalized processes across all the company’s product development, including its leading-edge technologies used in digital power modules.
“The development of the PKM-NH platform is a result of the extremely close cooperation between Ericsson R&D and product development centers in Sweden and China to deliver this innovative technology and product in an exceptional fast timeframe,” said Patrick Le Fèvre, Marketing and Communication Director, Ericsson Power Modules. “This is the first time that has Ericsson won two awards within the Chinese electronics industry, which is a clear recognition of the high level of innovation being demonstrated by Ericsson.”