Innovative Power for LED Lamps and Luminaires

LEDLightbulb011Arrival Electronics is pleased to announce the release of the ACT801 LED Controller from Active Semi.  The ACT801 are LED driver ICs based on Active-Semi’s Patented Active Direct Drive Technology and Patent-Pending Active Valley Fill that adaptively drives a string of variable-weighted LED segments up to 8W directly from an AC line voltage with very few total components.

Offering best-in-class light quality and a low total BOM with Active Direct DriveTM,  No Transformer, No Inductor., and on Board Design without additional PCB / Power Module required., with a low component count saving BOM / Production / Quality costs.

By adaptively modulating the variable-segment-weighted LED string voltage to match the varying AC line voltage, the Active Direct DriveTM Technology results in the ACT801 having highest efficiency, high power factor (> 0.90), and low total harmonic distortion. The high efficiency and high performance make the ACT801 ideal for advanced energy saving solid state lighting applications and eases thermal design.

With very few external components, the ACT801 ensures high reliability and long life time for LED based luminaire designs. In addition, the IC protects the LEDs from over current, and over temperature conditions. The ACT801 are optimized to operate at 100-120VAC and non-dimmable applications up to 8W.

The ACT801 also incorporate Active-Semi’s Patent- Pending Active Valley Fill Technology for maintaining smooth light output for the full AC cycle, enabling the LEDs to operate without noticeable flicker or strobe light motion effects. These devices drive the LED string without high frequency switching.

The ACT801 are available in a SOP-16EP package.

Full reference designs are available allowing customers to quickly develop a range of LED based arrays.