New RAST 2.5 Power Connectors from Lumberg

LUMBERG_PIC___RAST_2.5_Power_with_Tin_plated_Contacts_3570Several RAST 2.5 Power connectors with a pitch of 5 mm in the Power Familiy of Lumberg are now available from MSC. Suitable for load currents of up to 6 amps (TAmp 70° C), the new V03s for 3570, 3575 and 357099 connectors with 2 to 8 poles – in addition to the current versions with silver contact springs – are now also available with tin-plated contact springs. Suitable for individual conductors with a cross section between 0.5 and 0.75 mm2, IDT-compatible in temperatures ranging between -40 and +120 degree Celsius and with a rated voltage of 400 Volt the direct connectors mating with the PCB boast a diverse and space-saving breadth of applications.

With the proven insulation displacement technology the 3570 and 357099 connect-ors are designed for direct and indirect mating. The direct-mating 3575 offers key-ing ribs or closed sides as additional keying options, optionally either with or with-out lock on the printed circuit board.  The 357099 is genuinely special due to its dual-row keying – the first dual-row as such in the RAST 2.5 family on the market.

Next to guide frames Lumberg also offers a variety of RAST 2.5 pin headers for indirect mating. Since all new connectors are made for a diverse range of applications they can be used for everything from small to large production series to fulfill the individual applications. The new V03s, just like the silver-plated contact springs, are glow wire resistant and UL- as well as VDE-certified.