UNIPOWER Announces Ultra–Compact 200A DC Power System, Gravitas X200

UNIPOWERUNIPOWER LLC announces the Gravitas X200 integrated DC Power System designed for telecom systems and many other applications that require 12, 24 or 48VDC. Gravitas X200 is an ultra-compact system based on a 2RU shelf which is expandable to 3RU to provide output loads to 200A. Standard output voltages are -54.4VDC, +27.2VDC and +13.6VDC.

Gravitas X200 Power Systems incorporate up to four high efficiency (92%) hot-swap rectifiers in 2RU systems and up to eight rectifiers in the expanded 3RU systems. Loads of up to 200A are available in either non-redundant or N+1 redundant configurations. Internal speed controlled fans are used to cool the rectifiers and, as they respond to load as well as temperature conditions, acoustic noise is kept to a minimum.

The system’s DC output circuits can provide as many as 10 loads which utilise pluggable circuit breakers each rated up to 60A as well as two additional pluggable 100 A breakers which can be used for either load circuits or battery protection circuits. Battery protection rating can be increased to 125A each with non-pluggable breakers. As an option, two internal string breakers can be provided as can low voltage battery disconnect. Where battery protection is provided externally, an unprotected battery feed output is provided as standard.

A field replaceable remote access controller monitors system parameters, controls rectifier output and provides alarms for system failures. LEDs are used to indicate major and minor failures as well as system good while four form-C relay outputs provide the alarms for remote use.

Gravitas X200 systems can be programmed using a remote PC webpage display and communication is by Ethernet LAN with an SNMP option. It also has provision for temperature compensated charging of an external battery using a supplied TC probe. An LCD touchpad is provided as an option for local metering, status and set-up.