Murata commercializes crystal unit for wearable electronics and computing

MUR275Murata today announced it would commence commercial production of its XRCGD crystal unit in October 2013. With a frequency precision of +/- 20ppm, the crystal is able to support the stringent frequency tolerances required for wireless communications such as Wi-Fi,Bluetooth® and Radio Frequency / Base Band. The crystal unit is aimed at consumer electronic devices that are worn by a person and include some type of computing and wireless communication features.

Measuring just 2 x 1.6 x 0.45 mm, the XRCGD crystal unit is available with nominal operating frequencies from 24 to 48 MHz. Operating temperature is across the range of -30 to +85 degrees C. Equivalent series resistance (ESR) is in the range of 60 – 22 ohm and is model dependant.

Murata believes it is the first in the industry to adopt a fusion sealing technique for complete hermetic seal that uses an alloy in the metal cap structure. Its proprietary packing technology, unavailable in existing crystal resonators, enables superior quality and cost performance, and is suitable for mass production. At the same time it achieves superior miniaturization, contributing to a high density mounting and slimming of the unit.