High resistor values with the lowest TCR

ESUK ESE SRT Passives ResistorsIn the special field of high value resistors, SRT Resistor Technology GmbH has succeeded to reach new limits in the temperature stability.  So far, the temperature coefficients of the tightest specifications were at ±25ppm/K for high value resistors above 10 megaohms. By exploiting the technological possibilities of materials and manufacturing processes, high ohm values up to 10 gigaohms in sizes 2512 and 4020, the TCR has been reduced to ±10ppm/K

With that achievement the temperature dependency of these thickfilm resistors is now comparable to that of thinfilm resistors at far lower values, and is close to the accuracy of the best measuring devices on the market.

These two sizes with a lower TCR also have very low voltage coefficients, working voltages of 2000V and 6000V and can be supplied with tolerances as low as ± 0.25%.

The main application of such precision resistors is in sophisticated measuring   and sensor technology as well as in the construction of SMD voltage dividers. Test samples of numerous values are available from stock.