New thermal material for clearer LED-lamp lenses

bergquistThe Bergquist Company has introduced Gap Filler 1500LV, the first in a new line of low-volatility dispensable thermal interface materials optimised for applications such as LED lighting where designers need to minimise fogging of lenses or optics.

As a two-component liquid dispensable thermal interface material, Gap Filler 1500LV maintains stability at high temperatures, which significantly reduces outgassing thereby helping to prevent fogging, while also providing the low modulus of a silicone material. With thermal conductivity of 1.8W/m-K, efficient thermal management is assured in applications across a variety of power ratings.

In addition, Gap Filler 1500LV has an extended working time of up to two hours at 25°C, and cures within eight hours at room temperature or 10 minutes at 100°C.

Like other Bergquist Gap Filler family members, Gap Filler 1500LV has shear thinning characteristics for optimum dispensing, displays excellent wetting, and remains in place maintaining its shape on the target surface. This allows flexibility in component orientation during assembly. Its ultra conformability minimises stress on components, and allows filling of unique and intricate air voids and gaps. Gap Filler 1500LV has a low level of natural tack, which allows convenient use in applications where a strong structural bond is not required.