Investment boosts hi-rel connector development

ES Jan14 Pg06 to 08 News HarwinHigh-reliability connector manufacturer, Harwin, has invested £500,000 at its Portsmouth manufacturing headquarters, a move which will increase efficiency and simplify logistics on site.

The investment is focussed on equipment from automatic stamping press maker, Bruderer, which now incorporates a planetary gearbox into the shaft of the main motor.

Harwin’s operations director, Paul McGuinness, explained: “This new technology removes the need for a separate development press. It enables us to put new tools through at the lowest stroke rate and at full press capacity, allowing us to identify any issues before flicking a switch on full production. This brings many advantages: increased efficiency; reduced costs; less space required and even logistics benefits, since tools have to be transported less.”

The new Bruderer equipment will be especially beneficial for the rapid development of Harwin’s EZ-BoardWare range of surface mount PCB hardware solutions for EMC, test, cable and battery management.

McGuiness concluded: “A large part of our focus is on developing high reliability components for applications such as nano-satellites, top-tier auto-sport and even NASA’s Robonaut. This investment gives us the capability to lead from the front.”