New Dymax Coating available from Ellsworth Adhesives Europe

logo copy squareNow available for purchase from Ellsworth Adhesives, OC-3021 is the latest product to be developed by the Dymax Corporation. OC-3021 is a UV Curable, optically clear, hard coating offering superior durability and increased film life.

Principally designed for use in the manufacture of electronic products including touch panels, polarized sunglasses, safety goggles and LCD polarised displays, OC-3021 has a low surface energy preventing materials from easily adhering to the cured coating, which results in a non-stick or self-cleaning surface.

OC-3021 is engineered for superior scratch, abrasion and chemical resistance, making it ideal for use with film substrates such as PET and PMMA. This new coating is particularly suitable for applications where there is a desire to keep the surface free from inks, adhesives, and coatings. OC-3021 offers excellent transparency and low haze characteristics, maintaining optical clarity over time for better performance and aesthetics.

As a 100% solid hard coating, OC-3021 is formulated to lower production, shipping, and life-cycle costs while reducing ecological impact. It quickly cures tack free when exposed to UV light, enabling faster processing, fewer defects, and greater output. It also ships with no solvents, resulting in reduced freight costs, but can still be mixed with a variety of solvents just before roll or dip coating to obtain a desired coating thickness of 2 to 5 microns.

OC-3021 is formulated to cure with Dymax’s broad-spectrum UV-curing equipment, also available from Ellsworth Adhesives Europe.