Fast-growing Cogent Technology invests in MYDATA

SMA 1 copy.ovTo support the strong and sustained growth it is seeing in orders and to further boost its future competitiveness, Suffolk-based Cogent Technology has placed an order for a new-generation MY200DX-10 pick-and-place machine from MYDATA. Not only will the new machine substantially increase production capacity at Cogent Technology, it will also provide significant efficiency gains that will enhance the company’s competitive edge.

Cogent Technology, which holds ISO 13485 approval making it a preferred supplier of products for use in the medical sector, has been using MYDATA machines since 2007, during which time it has grown from 70 employees to 114, with 25 new posts being created in the last six months alone.

Most recently the company has been using an MY100DX-14 in a synergy combination with an MY9e. When the new MY200DX-10 is delivered, however, this will work in synergy with the existing MY100DX-14 to give a combination that is equally suited to high-throughput and high-mix applications. The MY9 will be retained, and used to create a new line to provide an enhanced fast-track new product introduction (NPI) service, and a more responsive service for very low volume runs.

“Over the years, we have had excellent service from the MYDATA machines and from the MYDATA team,” said Nigel Slator, Managing Director of Cogent, “so, with our business growing rapidly, we had no hesitation in making a further substantial investment in MYDATA equipment, especially as the new-generation MY200 machines have so much to recommend them.”

“We are particularly enthusiastic about the latest generation hydra head on the MY200DX, which can place up to 40,000 fine-pitch components per hour. We’re also impressed by the new vision system, which is now even easier to program for new parts than its predecessors and which has been specifically designed to minimise the number of spurious rejects and further increase the ‘real’ speed of the machine”

MYDATA MY200-series machines embody new and advanced technologies to provide higher output, higher accuracy and improved line utilisation. Major innovations include a new high-performance component inspection and positioning system – Linescan Vision System 3 – and a new high-speed mount head for extremely accurate placement of the latest component technologies – HYDRA 4.

The MY200DX-10 machine purchased by Cogent Technology is a high-speed all-in-one mounter that when combined with their existing MY100DX-14 will provide up to 256 feeder positions and a top speed of 74,000 components per hour.