Integrated power management gets a boost

ESUK Feb14 p5 Mouser News MurataMouser Electronics has enhanced its integrated power management offering with two new products: the OKLP-X/25-W12-C 25A power block from Murata Power Solutions and the ZSPM10x5 PWM controller from ZMDI, for which it is optimised.

The Murata 25A power block is designed as a cost-effective step?down DC?to?DC converter with all components on a small circuit board. It helps lower the input DC voltage with a synchronous buck converter circuit composed of two mosfets, an inductor?capacitor output filter and a thermal sensor.

With an input range of 7.0 to 13.2V DC, the power block provides up to 49.5W that can generate a regulated output of 0.8 to 3.6V DC. Output load currents of up to 25A at 1.0V are supported.

Photo caption: The Murata 25A power block step?down DC?to?DC converter combines all components on a small circuit board