Hitaltech launch Italtronic’s enclosure to DIN Rail mount the Raspberry Pi into the US Market

RASPBERRY MODULBOX_1_UL.jpgHitaltech launch Italtronic’s enclosure to DIN Rail mount the Raspberry Pi into the US Market.

Whilst the Raspberry Pi was initially aimed towards the educational and hobbyist market, the use of the Raspberry Pi within industrial and process control applications is becoming just as apparent.

As a result of the requirements across these industries, Hitaltech are pleased to introduce Italtronic’s DIN Rail mounting enclosure produced specifically to house the Raspberry Pi.

Produced in UL94V-0 self extinguishing material the Modulbox 4M RPI is supplied with a transparent top panel, body enclosure and base as well as the DIN rail hook allowing the enclosure to be mounted on a DIN Rail. The product is produced with the openings for the input and output requirements of the Raspberry Pi product.

As with all enclosures available from Hitaltech, the Modulbox 4M RPI enclosure can be cost effectively machined and/or printed to custom specifications for relatively low volumes (minimum of 50-100 approx).

Using a combination of high tech multiple tools, multiple axis CNC machines as well as low cost high quality laser and full colour digital printing processes, Hitaltech are able to offer customised enclosures at exceptional value for money.

The Modulbox 4M RPI also offers a wall mounting option for the Raspberry Pi as incorporated into the base of the enclosure is a wall mounting function.

According to Tara Fisher (Marketing Manager) Hitaltech believe that this DIN Rail/Wall mounting enclosure could be of interest for various markets including; industrial, educational and hobbyist. As a result having a distribution channel able to serve these varying markets is extremely important as she explains.

“There is no denying that the Raspberry Pi can be used in applications across a number of markets. As a result Hitaltech and Italtronic are pleased to announce that the enclosure is available from both MCM Electronics and Beyond Components.

MCM currently offer a range of Raspberry Pi products and accessories into the Maker/DIY Tech market so this is an excellent fit for us.