Conrad’s new own brand smart meters help users measure, understand and reduce energy consumption

CRD078A_LRESConrad Business Supplies has announced the introduction of a new range of smart energy meters that enable users to monitor the energy consumption of connected devices. Conrad’s own brand VOLTCRAFT SEM Smart Energy Meters can be monitored and controlled via a free iOS or Android app on a smartphone or tablet computer.  They provide electricity consumption information that helps customers and companies to reduce energy costs by identifying power hungry devices and appliances.

Conrad’s VOLTCRAFT SEM Smart Energy meters are simply inserted between the wall outlet socket and the appliance to be monitored and then record the consumption of the connected load. The meter is able to store up to 90 days data which is transmitted via a Bluetooth® 4.0 interface to the smartphone or tablet and displayed using the app. Power consumption data ranging from 0.23 W up to 3680 W can be measured, as can supply voltage, power factor, frequency, consumed energy and cost. The data is displayed in an intuitive, easy to interpret format on the chosen device.

In addition, Conrad’s VOLTCRAFT Smart Energy Meters can be used as a switchable socket with timer function via the app, with further options such as turn on / turn off, countdown timers and programmable overload control (shutdown or alarm) also possible.

“Minimising our domestic energy consumption is important from an environmental point-of-view and valuable to us individually from a cost standpoint,” said Michael Schlagenhaufer, Head of Purchasing, Conrad Business Supplies. “Our own brand smart meters provide an easy-to-use way of taking control of energy consumption and present the measured data conveniently via a standard smartphone or tablet.”