AVV855 SMX Series Customization PRAVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer of passive components and interconnect solutions, has made several new customization options available for its SMX Series Stacked SMPS MLCCs.

The various customization options, which include custom geometries, packages, terminals, lead configurations, and stress relief mounting options, allow engineers to achieve higher efficiency, space-saving designs with enhanced mechanical and thermal reliability. Additional benefits available through customization include wholly eliminating soldering requirements by enabling direct electrical and mechanical connection to the circuit and eliminating the risk of thermal shock by enabling remote soldering further from the ceramic capacitor case.

SMX Series MLCCs exhibit excellent high frequency performance and high current handling capabilities in addition to low ESR, ESL, and DC leakage. Available with voltage ratings spanning 25V to 500V, capacitance values up to 270µF, and both C0G and X7R dielectrics, SMX Series MLCCs also exhibit rugged mechanical shock and vibration capabilities and a wide frequency response in high pulse, high current, and high temperature applications up to +200°C.

“The customization solutions now available for our SMX Series MLCCs maintain the high reliability performance of the products originally developed by AVX and historically recognized as the highest reliability product in the market while also satisfying customer specific design requirements,” said Stan Cygan, senior applications engineer at AVX. “In addition to eliminating reliability concerns in the next level assembly, our customizable SMX Series components also exhibit high current handling capabilities, exceptional capacitance retention with frequency, and extremely low ESR.”

Constructed using high temperature solder to ensure reliable operation in harsh environments, SMX Series MLCCs are ideal for down-hole oil exploration, including logging while drilling and geophysical probes, in addition to a variety of space, aerospace, and underhood automotive applications. The series is also well suited for DC filtering in high power, high frequency motor drives, high pulsed-current circuitry, and a range of low power electronics.