Panasonic announces ’PSiP’ Power Supply Module up to 50W with 50% Smaller Footprint

P_PGA_Series_001.jpgPanasonic Corporation starts shipping PSiP (Power Supply in Package), a new line-up of step down DC-DC converter modules with integrated inductor. The PSiP modules deliver up to 10A and are optimized for use as embedded power supply (point of load) in IT and communication infrastructure equipment and industrial devices, such as small cell base stations, servers blades, surveillance cameras and measurement apparatus. They facilitate the design of the power supply circuit in products that require downsizing and help projects with constrained development schedule.

The PSiP series have the smallest mounting area in the industry, by integrating all the necessary components of a DC-DC regulator into tiny 8.5×7.5×4.7mm³ module packages. The original hysteretic-based controller built-in features ramp control and adaptive on time technologies, ensuring ultrafast transient responses while keeping overshoots low and supporting user-selectable operating frequencies. This contributes to reducing the number of necessary external passive components, and hence the bill of material. PSiP modules also offer improved performance in terms of low heat generation -thanks to state of the art efficiency- and low noise profile –thanks to optimized design of the internal switching nodes.