A10615-06_TCXO_Online_RGBThe low cost MINI-SMD-TCXOs from the oscillator specialist PETERMANN-TECHNIK in Landsberg am Lech are being used to an increasing degree for narrow-band radio solutions in a growing number of wireless applications in order to achieve long range transmission advantages using the very tight frequency tolerances of the MINI-SMD-TCXOs. The MINI-SMD-TCXOs in the 2.5×2.0mm/4pad ceramic housing are manufactured in large volumes and are used mainly within the 16 ~ 32 MHz frequency range. Of course, 40 MHz versions are also available for WLAN applications. The MINI-SMD-TCXO 2.5×2.0mm/4pad is deliverable within the standard frequency range of 9.6 ~ 52.0 MHz. The extremely large series volumes make it possible to offer the energy-efficient MINI-SMD-TCXOs at highly affordable prices.

A major advantage of the low cost MINI-SMD-TCXOs from the TXO2520 series is the control input at Pin 1. The enable/disable function can be used to disable the TXO2520 when the wireless application is in standby mode resulting in typical energy consumption of 0.4µA with a supply voltage of 3.3 VDC. This makes the TXO2520 ideal for use in battery-operated wireless applications. The TXO2520 is available with supply voltages from 1.8 ~ 3.3 VDC and, in standby mode, boasts a typical energy consumption of under 0.4µA with a supply voltage of 1.8 VDC. The standard temperature stability is specified at ±2.5ppm for -40/+85°C and the aging of ±1ppm max. per year.

Of course, the low cost MINI-SMD-TCXO from the TXO2520 series also features a very short enable time meaning that the TCXO wakes up very quickly making transient transmission of radio telegrams possible. Furthermore, the very low phase noise of the MINI-SMD-TCXO also permits an excellent frequency multiplication. Optimized solutions of the TXO2520 series are available for a large number of RF chip manufacturers.

To be able to offer the customers a very short time-to-market, the specialists at PETERMANN-TECHNIK can provide application analyses, circuit analyses, circuit development and circuit simulations as technical added value. We also have reference designs on hand. “Everything from one source” is the philosophy at PETERMANN-TECHNIK in order to provide the best possible customer care.