AVX introduces single pogo pin board-to-board contacts for high lifecycle, harsh environment applications

AVX - AVV866 Pogo pin contactAVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer of passive components and interconnect solutions, has introduced a new series of single pogo pin board-to-board (BTB) contacts designed for use in high lifecycle commercial, industrial, medical, and military applications that demand robust, high-reliability components. Available in five standard compressed stacking heights spanning 2.0mm to 5.0mm –the maximum working range and compressed height tolerance possible in a miniature 1.5mm diameter plunger– the new 70-9150 Series contacts provide low-cost, off-the-shelf connector solutions for an extensive range of applications. Enabling ultimate design flexibility with regard to pin count and placement location, the new single pogo pin contacts feature gold plating for high reliability and signal integrity and a high force stainless steel spring that facilitates exceptional mechanical and electrical performance for up to 10,000 cycles.

Designed to mate with gold-plated PCB pads or flat contacts in docking or cradle applications, 70-9150 Series contacts are ideally suited to function as the charging, data transfer, or programming interface for wide variety of portable devices. Optimal applications for the series include: docking stations for recharging or transferring data to or from portable electronic devices, such as cell phones, MP3 players, tablets, and e-readers; testing and programming handheld electronic devices, such as point-of-sale equipment and handheld industrial terminals; and cabled interconnects in portable military radios. The single pogo pin contacts are also ideal for use as an interface between medical or measurement devices and their pluggable, disposable components.

“Our new single pogo pin board-to-board contacts provide design engineers in the commercial, industrial, medical, and military markets with extremely flexible, high-reliability, off-the-shelf connector solutions at a competitive price point,” said Tom Anderson, Product Manager at AVX. “AVX is especially well respected throughout the industrial and medical markets for its robust, performance driven products, and this latest series is no exception. In fact, the 70-9150 contacts are even robust enough to provide long lifetime performance of up to 10,000 cycles in pluggable module applications that are handled daily by end users.”

Available in five contact heights (1.9mm to 2.3mm, 2.4mm to 2.8mm, 2.9mm to 3.4mm, 3.9mm to 4.5mm, and 4.9mm to 5.5mm), AVX’s 70-9150 Series single pogo pin contacts are rated for operating temperatures spanning -40°C to +125°C and 1A current. Voltage rating for the series is based on placement distance. RoHS-compliant, the 70-9150 Series is comprised of brass contacts with gold over nickel plating and SUS 304 grade stainless steel springs with a nominal 60g per contact spring force to maintain electrical connection in harsh environment applications. Supplied on standard tape and reel packaging for automatic in-line SMT placement, 70-9150 pogo pin contacts feature a disposable plastic cap to facilitate vacuum pick up and may be integrated into custom plastic insulators to create a complete connector solution upon request. Lead time for the series is stock to nine weeks, and parts will be available via AVX’s distribution channel partners.