New 650V normally-off GaN transistor family announced by GaN Systems

UntitledGaN Systems Inc, a leading developer of gallium nitride power switching semiconductors, has announced a family of normally-off 100V GaN transistors that spans 20-80A with very low on resistance. GS61002P, GS61004P, GS61006P and GS61008P are respectively 20A/21m?, 40A/11m?, 60A/8m? and 80A/5m? parts while GS71008P is an 80A/5m? half bridge device.

The new enhancement mode parts feature a reverse current capability, source-sense for optimal high speed design and exceptionally low Total Gate Charge (QG) and Reverse Recovery Charge (QRR). RoHS compliant, the devices are delivered in GaN Systems’ near chipscale, embedded GaNPX package which minimises inductance and optimises thermal performance.

Girvan Patterson, President of GaN Systems comments: “We believe we are the first company to have such a wide range of parts available for are sampling now. Applications include high speed DC-DC converters, low voltage AC motor drives, inverters and switched mode power supplies.”