Desktop Power Supplies Exceed 300W of Power with Fanless Design in Compact Case

310w[1]PowerPax launch the latest in their comprehensive range of desktop power supplies with the new 310W series. Believed to be the first manufacturer to offer a range of single output inline external power supplies rated at over 300W, this new series includes models from 12vdc to 56vdc, including core products such as part number SW4604 rated to 12vdc 20.83A (250W), part number SW4605 which offers 24vdc 11.25A (270W) and part number SW4606 which provides a regulated 48vdc output at 6.45A (310W) max. These units are safety approved Class I power supplies with a 3 pin C14 input connector accepting 100-240vac 50/60Hz for world use.

The case measures 197 x 100 x 51mm. Over voltage, over current, short circuit and over temperature protections feature as standard. The units also feature active PFC, LED power indication and MTBF figures > 30,000 hrs. This series meets latest ERP stage 2, energy efficiency Level V with Level VI compliance pending. The high output power provided makes this PowerPax range of power supplies ideal for a wide range of applications.