Molex’s Temp-Flex® microwave coaxial cables with high shielding effectiveness can now be ordered through TTI, Inc.

Untitled1TTI, Inc., the world’s leading specialist distributor of passive, connector, electromechanical and discrete components, now stocks Molex’s Temp-Flex microwave coaxial cables featuring a shielding effectiveness of 100dB or better and a wide operating temperature range. To create the new cables, Molex has recently married complementary technologies utilising high-performance, flexible coaxial cable from the Molex Temp-Flex operation. A wide range of connectors are featured to provide cable assemblies for many different challenging aerospace & defence, medical, and industrial applications.

Molex’s Temp-Flex cables feature silver plated conductors, FEP dielectric, double shields and FEP jackets as standard. The low-loss cables use solid, proprietary low-loss FEP dielectric with 70% Velocity of Propagation (VOP). The ultra-low-loss cables use a unique air-core design with up to 87% VOP. The diameter over the shield is comparable to standard semi-rigid sizes. Connector options available include SMA, 2.92mm, SMP, SMPM as well as many other types. The cables are insulated using a fluoropolymer dielectric to ensure superior monitoring and control of radar, military vehicles, satellites, space, missile, radio frequency (RF) ablation and test and measurement equipment. The products are flexible alternatives to semi-rigid coaxial assemblies and the low-loss solid-core cable fits standard semi-rigid connector solutions.