Mouser Signs Global Distribution Agreement with Cosel

HiRes_Cosel_NewSupplierMouser Electronics, Inc. has entered into a global distribution agreement withCosel, one of the world’s leading power supply manufacturers. Cosel’s product portfolio includes high-quality, ultra small size AC?DC switching supplies, state-of the-art technology DC?DC converters, and EMI filters.

Cosel’s AC-DC switching power supplies can handle universal AC inputs with output power ranges from 1.5Watts up to 10kWatts. The Cosel PLA series of AC-DC power supplies are economical, enclosed AC?DC switching power supplies designed for high efficiency. Cosel’s PLA series of power supplies are suitable for many applications including LED signage, automation systems, and test equipment.

Cosel’s high efficiency DC-DC converters provide up to 700Watts of output power in industry standard voltages and footprints. The Cosel DHS Series of DC-DC converters offer high efficiency and high reliability in a compact package. Features include built-in overcurrent, over-voltage, and thermal protection; and support remote On/Off circuits as well as remote sensing.

Mouser’s current offering from Cosel also includes power supply hardware such as power supply filters, heat sinks, connection harnesses, and mounting hardware as well as power supply peripheral components such as line filters, connection harnesses and thermal management.