Sowing the seed to grow large energy savings

EMS_Powerstar_Logo 300dpiPowerstar has again emphasised its position as the global market leader for voltage optimisation having successfully delivered savings of 14.1% in electricity and over 203 tonnes of carbon emissions a year for manufacturing company Olam International.

A leading agri-business, Olam International, which operates in 65 countries and supplies raw materials to over 13,600 customers worldwide, installed a Powerstar system at its facility in Goole, Lincolnshire.

As part of Olam International’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the company actively seeks to identify and implement energy saving solutions as it endeavours to contribute positively to social wellbeing whilst also managing its impact on the environment.

Having identified Powerstar to be one of the most effective products available on the market, when considered against other viable alternatives, Olam International chose to install Powerstar to assist in reducing carbon emissions and electricity consumption. On installation Powerstar guaranteed savings of at least 8.7% but has in fact delivered nearly double.

Andrew Cowling, site engineer at Olam International said, “Meeting with Powerstar we found them to be excellent in collating comprehensive information from site surveys and providing a thorough proposal on what savings we could make through voltage optimisation, as well as how we could meet our CO2 targets”.

Mr. Cowling added, “Carbon and electrical savings have been fantastic, much higher than the savings initially guaranteed by Powerstar. The installation process was also quick with minimal disruption to our operations.”

Voltage optimisation is one of three technologies identified, together with LED lighting and Variable Speed Drives (VSDs), that have been proven to provide the highest energy savings and payback, as identified in high profile reports prepared by the NHS Sustainable Development Unit and St Georges University.

Established for over 13 years, Powerstar has remained true to its philosophy and continues to carry out all its research and development, as well as sourcing and manufacturing in the UK. Powerstar is the only voltage optimisation product in the world with a granted patent.