UK industrial connector specialist expands product range

ELE002 - How well do you connect - HN - oneIndustrial connectors and Ethernet specialist Electroustic now distributes  Lumberg Connect ranges of industrial connectors, including circular connectors with threaded joint, USB, IEEE 1394 and DIN connectors. The Lumberg Connect range complements Electroustic’s existing portfolio, which includes leading brands like Hirschmann, Amphenol and Lumberg Automation.

Lumberg Connect specialises in manufacturing rugged connectors used in industrial applications. The connectors are waterproof and available in metal rather than plastic. They have a high ingress protection (IP) rating, usually between IP45 and IP68, which makes them particularly suited for harsh industrial environments.

Only a handful of vendors in the UK provide Lumberg Connect technology, despite demand being on the rise. To address enquiries from UK and international electronic components suppliers, Electroustic has expanded its range of products to include Lumberg Connect. The company now offers complete supply chain solutions that can integrate Lumberg Automation and Lumberg Connect products.

“Professional partnerships have always played a key role in our business strategy,” explains Paul Carr, managing director and owner of Electroustic. “We work closely with leading international manufacturers to offer only the most reliable, first-rate products. The collaboration with Lumberg Connect diversifies our offering and, more importantly, expands our engineering knowledge even further. It allows us to offer higher value consulting services to our clients.”

Lumberg Connect’s circular connectors with threaded joint ensure a safe link for load currents up to 5A and can be easily mounted on a varied range of applications. For particularly demanding environments, the option of shielding against electromagnetic influences is also available. The threaded joint circular connectors have proven their worth in 3G and 4G mobile radio networks around the world. Compliance with Antenna Interface Standards Group (AISG) specifications and IEC 61076-2-106 ensures the range is suitable for connecting system components like base stations, antenna remote electrical tilts, tower mounted amplifiers and surge protectors.

Finally, Electroustic also provides Lumberg Connect products for the consumer electronics and communications industry, including USB and IEE1394 connectors – such as FireWire and Sony’s iLink – DIN circular connectors and miniature circular connectors.

With over 50 years of industry experience and a strong manufacturing background, Electroustic can help source the best type of industrial connectors for sectors like oil and gas refinery, power generation, industrial manufacturing, rail, mining and many more.