GaN Systems to showcase 100V and 650V gallium nitride power semiconductors at EPE ’14 ECCE Europe

GaN Systems gallium nitride power semiconductorsGaN Systems Inc, a leading developer of gallium nitride power switching semiconductors, is showcasing its latest devices at EPE ’14 – ECCE Europe in Finland, August 26 – 28.   The exhibition provides the first opportunity in Scandinavia for GaN Systems to present its two newest product lines – a series of five normally-off 100V GaN transistors and a low inductance, thermally-efficient 650V transistor family. Based on GaN Systems’ proprietary Island Technology®, its devices bring significant advantages and far higher performance to applications ranging from onboard battery charging, high-voltage DC-DC and AC-DC conversion, UPS, air-conditioning, appliances, heavy-duty battery-operated power tools and E-bikes.

The five normally-off 100V GaN transistors span 20-80A with very low on resistance. The family consists of devices designated GS61002P, GS61004P, GS61006P and GS61008P, which are respectively 20A/21m?, 40A/11m?, 60A/8m? and 80A/5m? parts, and an 80A/5m? half bridge device, the GS71008P. The second of GaN Systems’ latest product lines are five normally-off 650V GaN transistors with reverse current capability, zero reverse recovery charge and source-sense for optimal high speed design. The GS66502P, GS66504P, GS66506P and GS66508P are respectively 8.5A/165m?, 17A/82m?, 25A/55m? and 34A/41m? parts, while the GS43106L is a 30A/60m? cascode. Both the 100V and 650V devices are delivered in GaN Systems’ compact, near chipscale, embedded GaNPX packages, which minimise inductance and optimise thermal performance.

GaN Systems is also showing its 100A and 200A high current parts which were launched earlier this year. Girvan Paterson, President of GaN Systems comments: “We are delighted to be at EPE ’14 and value the ECCE shows highly for their focus on the power industry and the high quality of the audience they attract. We are expecting significant interest from attendees, as GaN Systems is the first company in the market to have such a wide range of gallium nitride power switching semiconductors available for sampling now. ”