Vertical SMT Modular Jacks with Kapton Tape

MX2502 - Mod_JackMolex Incorporated has added Kapton tape to its family of Vertical surface mount (SMT) Modular Jacks to aid with automatic vacuum pick-and-place processes on printed circuit boards (PCBs). Delivered in tape & reel packaging, the new options help to streamline high-volume production and lower manufacturing costs, across for instance, the telecoms, consumer, medical, industrial and commercial industries.

“We have increased the flexibility to our customers in the high-volume PCB assembly space, by adding product options that no longer rely solely on mechanical grippers for pick and place” says Kieran Wright, global product manager, integrated products division, industrial business unit, Molex. “By adding a Kapton tape surface to the top side of the connector, Molex’s Vertical SMT Modular Jacks can be picked and placed by vacuum heads; a faster, more cost-effective method, which is in line with other SMT components in the assembly process.”

Kapton polyimide film remains stable across a wide range of temperatures and so is suitable for use in high-temperature SMT manufacturing. Providing flexibility for a variety of design applications, the 1.27mm pitch, vertical SMT modular jacks with Kapton tape are available in RJ-11 and RJ-45 formats. In addition, to accommodate tight board stacking requirements, low-profile versions are available.

Molex Vertical surface mount (SMT) Modular Jacks are fully compliant with TIA-1096-A and IEC60603-7 PL2 standards.