Hitaltech offer a solution through flexible interconnect

Flexible InterconnectDesigned to address the demands of the both the industrial control & automotive market, Hitaltech’s range of flexible flat cable (FFC) combines the properties of flat cable with round pins for PCB termination.

The manufacturing process involves flattening the round, solid copper conductors, creating a smooth transition from flat to round. The result is a flexible cable, which is highly resistant to vibration and bending and therefore well suited for applications in the industrial control market.

A fully automated production line is used to manufacture the flat flexible solution for PCB to PCB connection, a PCB to component or an entire cable harness. Connections can be made permanent by soldering the round pin at each end or, for a removable connection, one side can be soldered and the other combined with a connector. For this purpose termination styles enable the use of ZIF / LIF connectors, crimp connectors or IDC.

Special pin length or shapes can be produced for connecting or soldering a component directly to the cable. Windows in the insulation enable SMD components to be soldered directly onto the cable.

For a complete cable harness assembly, Hitaltech can provide a set of FFC and ‘distribution pieces’, prepared for crimp or any other connection system. The FFC can be supplied with double-sided adhesive tape for easy installation.

A range of eight pin pitches from 0.5 to 5.08mm is available and the length can be between 12 and 5,000mm.

Various insulation materials are available and special pin pitches, mixed wire gauge and termination styles can be produced.

Other options include higher current models and hybrid variants, containing optical fibres for signal and copper conductors for power.