New Ciao Ultra Low Noise amplifiers from Aspen

Ciao amplifiers_smallExclusive to Aspen Electronics in the UK is the range of Low Noise RF & Microwave Amplifiers from specialist US manufacturer Ciao Wireless. This established worldwide leader can offer narrow band and broadband amplifiers up to 45GHz for both Military and Commercial Industries.

One recent development is their “Ultra Low Noise” range that, for a narrow band amplifier in the range 1.0 to 3.0GHz, can offer Noise Figures as low as 0.3dB. These amplifiers are ideal for use in very low noise receiver systems as found in Radio Astronomy, Radar, Communications and Test Equipment applications.

All models include internal voltage regulation and reverse polarity protection and are guaranteed to be ‘100% Unconditionally Stable’, as indeed are all of Ciao’s amplifier Designs – all products undergo a 100% Unconditional Stability test as a part of the standard Acceptance Test Procedure for every product shipped.

Units can be customized with “NO NRE” to meet the exact requirements if the standard catalogue models do not “exactly” fit the particular need. “Custom or Special” models are usually available within
1-2 weeks ARO.

As standard all Ciao designs are qualified for performance in High Reliability, Military and Space Applications. In addition options such as Variable Gain Control, Input Limiter Protection, Integrated Bias-T, Detectors, RF Mute, TTL Control can be specified.

Whilst the company offers a complete catalogue product line it is able to offer “custom” designs in order to meet exacting Microwave Amplifiers needs.