PROVERTHA introduces fully shielded 90 degree M12 cable connectors with eight cable outlet options

news_release_064PROVERTHA complements its comprehensive range of M12 connection solutions with fully shielded 90 degree M12 cable connectors offering eight cable outlet options. With the new connectors, the company addresses a multitude of compact and flexible applications in automation, control and process technology as well as in mechanical engineering. The compact 90 degree cable connectors allow for a flexible choice of the cable outlet direction. Eight fixed cable outlet options are selectable simply by turning in 45 degree steps. The cable outlet position of choice is securely fixed by a turning lock.

The flexible cable outlet and the compact form factor of the new M12 cable connectors eliminate many cabling problems. PROVERTHA initially introduces the new cable connectors in the versions M12-A5, M12-A8, and M12-D. The RF proof full-metal housing and the 360 degree EMI/RFI shielded crimp flange / crimp sleeve connection system enables deployment in railway, industrial and other harsh environments.

The crimp flange / crimp sleeve system based on a hexagonal crimp also provides functional safety in applications with high requirements regarding cable strain relief and shielding, e.g. in railway systems or in machine tools with fast or rotating movements such as production robots. In configurations with crimp flange and crimp sleeve, the hexagonal crimp with its non-detachable crimp sleeve acts as sort of a seal, because the assembled bus connector cannot be modified without damage.