Newbury Electronics launches Newbury Innovation

newbury-innovation-homeNewbury Electronics has announced today the formation of Newbury Innovation, a new division solely focussed on electronic design and the launch of a new supporting website, This new division recognises the increasing importance of the company’s expertise in electronic design and development and is an area where they envisage considerable growth. This is the latest business development in a year which has seen the company make significant investments in new equipment, its premises and staff.

Philip King, managing director of Newbury Electronics, said; “Electronic design is the start of our production process and is the natural extension to the existing portfolio of products and services that we are able to offer.” In the course of the last year the company has been involved with projects as disparate as hydroponic agricultural control units, electronics for deep-sea exploration, wild animal tracking devices and farm security systems.

The company has also developed its own web based project management software. “This web based software has been specifically created to meet our requirements and is unique. When you shortlist electronic design houses to undertake your project, take a serious look at how they manage projects, and which tools they use. Inadequate record keeping, poorly documented controls and review processes are strong signals to proceed with caution. Our web-based project management tools solve these problems and shares progress and design data on a step-by-step basis with the clients,” continued King.

Many potential clients cannot justify the employments costs associated with talented electronic engineers. By using Newbury Innovation they will have access to extensive experience, coupled with the latest design and production capabilities that will potentially allow them to complete the full production cycle from prototyping to final development within as little as four weeks, (dependant on the complexity of the project).

Newbury Innovation also operates a sustainable engineering programme which, for a fixed fee, gives customers annually renewable, wide-ranging engineering support for their products.

Being a UK based company, Newbury Innovation respects its clients’ intellectual property rights by means of appropriate non-disclosure agreements and provides complete transparency and transfer of design and manufacturing information.