Compact 360° EMI/RFI M12 crimp connector for field assembly

M12-gruen_ret_HGPROVERTHA introduces its new 360° EMI/RFI M12 crimp connector for reliable field assembly of Drive-Cliq systems with an IP67 protection degree (screw locked). The new M12 cable connectors according to IEC 61076-2-101 provide fail-safe Drive-Cliq connection and secure data transmission. This is achieved by a secure contact of the signal wires due to turned crimp contacts and the safe cable shield contact due a compact full metal housing. At the same time the 360°EMI/RFI crimp flange system provides a vibration-resistant cable strain relief. The waterproof housing design ensures protection level IP 67 in screw-locked condition as well as high robustness in rough environment.

Drive-Cliq is the Ethernet-based system interface of the Sinamics S120 modular drives for the transmission of the parameter and control data between the related drive components, including the connection to motors and actuators. In addition to the Drive-Cliq assembly the new M12 cable connectors from PROVERTHA also support the termination to the VARAN (Versatile Automation Random Access Network) Bus.

The new 8-pin M12 cable connectors from PROVERTHA have very compact dimensions (53.2 mm at a diameter of 16 mm) for restricted assembly conditions. The insulators with A coding are according to the Drive-Cliq connection. The wire size is specified with AWG 26 for four signal crimp contacts and AWG 22 for power crimp contacts (2x). The new M12 cable connectors enable a reliable quick and simple assembly by means of crimp snap-in contacts and pre-assembled housing with only a few parts. Due to the contact holder a fail-safe wire termination is ensured. The ergonomic grip shell is built on TPE. PROVERTHA also provides crimp tools for signal contacts and crimp sleeve as accessories.

In addition PROVERTHA provides the suitable M12 Drive-Cliq receptacle for the device interface as well as assembled M12-M12 or M12-RJ45 Drive-Cliq connectors.