New Pentair High Clamp Force, Small Profile, Card Loks

image006Pentair announces its newly designed Schroff brand of Calmark™ Series 260HC High Clamp force Card Lok retainers. The patent pending design of the Series 260HC provides on average 1257 lbs of clamping force, more than triple the amount of similarly sized Card Loks.

Currently engineers face a tradeoff between board retention and the size of the Card Lok; greater clamp force has only been available with larger profile Card Loks. Unfortunately, larger Card Loks require more space in the enclosure, are heavier, and consume valuable board space.

SWaP, or reducing size and weight while effectively handling increasing power, continues to be a challenge for defense and aerospace designers and manufacturers. Additionally, as systems continue to be integrated into rugged environments, and face ever growing shock and vibration requirements, sufficient printed circuit board retention is critical.

To overcome these two challenges, Pentair has developed the 260HC Card Lok. The 260HC provides industry leading board retention, ideal for defense, space and aerospace applications, in a small and light weight design.

Conveniently, the series 260HC has been designed to be a drop in replacement for most applications currently using a standard 260 Card Lok; with the same profile 6.35 (.250”) width x 6.86 (.270”) height, mounting location and options, and optional features such as a visual indicator and lock patch.